FixMyKite Australia believes in Repair over Replace, it's something that is ingrained in us deeply.  We're kiters just like our customers, we depend on this one amazing Earth to provide us the the wind which gives us so much enjoyment. 

For a few hours a per session we get to live and connect directly to that element, we get to harness its amazing power in our kites and feel it through our lines. Today as kiters we get to do things that were inconceivable merely a few decades ago. Repairing instead of replacing we believe is one of the most effective individual decisions anyone can make in our path to a sustainable future and making sure that generations after us can harness, feel and enjoy themselves just as we have been able to.

FixMyKite Australia can make a difference, and whilst even we as a company aren't perfect we're always trying to do better and improve so that our small decisions today will improve our one Earth for the generations after us.

Our kites and much of the equipment we connect with are examples of materials that simply won't break down in our lifetime or that of many generations after us. We feel we have a responsibility to make those finite resource taken from our one Earth go further and last longer, this is why we believe FixMyKite can make an impactful difference in our world starting right now with your next choice to repair instead of replace.


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