9mm Valve Caps

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FixMyKite 9mm Valve Caps are ideal to replace damaged or lost caps on the 9mm kiteboarding inflate kite valve. These caps are also commonly used on inflatable tents, rubber boats, lilos, ground swimming pools, paddling pools and pool liners, bladders, beach balls, and toys with a 9mm inflating valve.

Small and simple it provides protection to your 9mm valves from dirt and sand and prevent air from going out. Recommended and notably used by professional kiters and board surfers.

Content: FixMyKite 9MM Valve Caps - Set of 5

FixMyKite 9MM Inflation Valve White Cover Caps for Inflatable Kite Bladders, Tents, Rubber Boats, Lilos, Paddling Pools, Beach Ball, and Toys

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