Best 2009-2010 Depower Line 52"

BestSKU: SP0017-B52

Sale price$59.95


The Best Depower line is a replacement line compatible with any Best kite from 2009 to 2010. Featuring a stainless stitched ring on one end and Dacron tape & stitch on the other end to assist in installing or replacing and avoid fraying. Manufactured from heavy-duty Spectra braided line, If you're unsure the lifespan of your depower line then time to replace it at the start of each season before it breaks.

A replacement will reduce potential jamming on your bar, allows you feel smoother sheeting in and out. It's quick and easy, it may even save you a swim in. When replacing your depower line, always check your center bar insert for wear and tear as well.

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