Cabrinha Airlock1 Valve Cap & Core

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Cabrinha Airlock 1 Screw CAP & CORE ONLY is the top portion consisting of the core, cap, and retainer ring. This is the CAP used in all 2013 and older Cabrinha valves and also works with 2008 Best EZ pump.

The extra large opening allows for even the largest kites to be pumped up in minutes. By unscrewing the deflation cap the kite will deflate and be ready to be rolled up in seconds. The Airlock valve is secured to the leading edge with an “O” ring so the bladder is not able to spin inside of its casing. The threaded valve cap makes it virtually impossible for the accidental opening of the valve during an impact on land or water.

This product does NOT include the base or Stick-on patch.


  • Compatible with all 2013 and older Cabrinha Kites, 2008 Best EZ pump valve.
  • Made from high-quality dense plastic material.
  • Plastic retainer ring to slide on the existing valve and keeps it attached to the kite.
  • Extra large opening for easy and quick inflation and deflation.
  • Includes a one-way rubber valve in the core.
  • Content: Cabrinha Airlock 1 Cap & Core ONLY

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