Cabrinha Airlock2 Valve Cap & Core

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Cabrinha Airlock 2 Screw CAP ONLY is the top screw portion consisting of the core, cap, and retainer ring. This is the CAP used in 2014 and newer Cabrinha, 2015 and newer Slingshot, Best kites with twist-lock valves and Cloud kites by Boardriding Maui.

Manufactured from high-quality dense plastic material, featuring a plastic retainer ring to slide on your existing valve that keeps it attached to the kite even when not lock-in and a one-way rubber valve in the core to reduce air leaks and increase inflation pressure on kitesurfing kites whilst pumping.

The cap itself now has a convenient built-in pump adapter that will hook straight up to any standard pump. This built-in adapter eliminates the need for the historically used separate pump adapter piece that used to dangle from kites and was regularly was lost.

Please note, this product does NOT include the base or Stick-on patch. This will NOT WORK in the old Airlock 1 valve base (Cabrinha Airlock with old-style cap, pre-2014).


  • Compatible with 2014+ Cabrinha, 2015+ Slingshot, Best, Cloud kites with Twist-Lock Valve.
  • Made from high-quality dense plastic material.
  • Plastic retainer ring to slide on the existing valve and keeps it attached to the kite.
  • Includes a one-way rubber valve in the core.
  • Built-in pump adapter that connects directly to any standard pump hose.
  • Content: Cabrinha Airlock 2 Cap ONLY

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Garth (SA)
Perfect replacement

This was the perfect choice for replacing the old deflate-only valve on my North EVO with a more up-to-date valve. Inflation and deflation is now much faster - I haven't looked back!

Rob (WA)
Got the right product

The Fixmykite website made it difficult (for me!) to select the correct product. It referred to the above (as it says) as the valve "cap". In fact (I installed it today) it is the cap + the necessary valve. Though not what was needed if you blew the entire valve off the bladder, which I had not.

However when I made enquiries I received good help, especially an email including a photograph of the part. For some reason (I had gone online via eBay) I was inundated with (well, 3 replies...) assistance.

I was told by a kiter who introduced me to the website that it was a 2 day turnaround. For something that would fit into an envelope you'd think that was realistic - E Coast to W coast. In fact it took ages owing to the crap performance of Australia Post. I had a kite from Mainland China in less time that it took the envelope with the valve in to get across Australia. If you want to be kiting this is a high cost. Best pay for express postage,

Cheers, Rob

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