Duotone Airlock 2 Pump Adapter

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The Duotone and North Airport Pump Adapter/Nozzle by FixMyKite is compatible with 2013 and newer North model kites and 2014 and newer Cabrinha model kites with the Airlock 2 screw valve. And perfectly works in Core kites as well when the orange silicone ring is removed.

This pump adapter is designed to use with a 2016 and newer HD pump hose out of the packet. And also work on older pre-2016 pump hoses by simply sand down the small nub near the ridge of the adapter, this will allow it to lock into the older pump hoses like the original adapters.

Manufactured from high-quality stress-tolerant plastic, it won't break off when pulled on against your inflate valve.

FixMyKite pump adapters ensure a nice snug fit reducing leaks to increase inflation pressure and minimize the risk of sand entering your bladder whilst pumping.


  • Compatible with Duotone / North Airport, & Cabrinha Airlock 2 Valve.
  • High-quality stress-tolerant plastic.
  • Specifically designed to use with 2016 and newer HD pump hoses.
  • Nice snug fit to reduce leaks and increase inflation.
  • Content:
    Duotone / North Pump Nozzle/Adapter

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Kylie (NSW)
Works well.

Works well.

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