Duotone Airport II Boston Valve

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The FixMyKite Duotone Airport II Valve is the perfect 'Self-Stick' replacement for leaking Duotone/North valves on leading edge bladders. This is the valve used on all Duotone/North 2014-2018 model kites and can be installed in under 5 minutes. Backed by Tear-Aid these valves are incredibly durable and will stick directly on to your kite bladder.

Our valves will stick on any Leading Edge Bladder material, in any colour! Suitable for both inflation and deflation on all Duotone/North 2014-2018 models except the 2014 Vegas. Featuring a valve cage which prevents damages to the setback membrane in the inside of the bladder.

The thread of the valve is redesigned and less affected by sand or other materials with unique construction has several advantages; it works with any conventional pump or compressor as it can be connected directly to the bayonet insert of the hose.

It works with all standard kite pumps also 100% perfectly works on North kiteboard pump. It enables fatigue-proof inflation due to the bigger air passage. Even bigger kites will be inflated with ease! Everything you need to install the new valve is included in the package, including an alcohol wipe and a link to detailed instructions.

FixMyKite is the global benchmark in 'Self-Stick' valves, trusted everyday by professional repairers around the world.  When you buy a FixMyKite 'Self-Stick' valve you can be 100% confident you're  receiving an original Duotone OEM valve backed by Tear-Aid and made by FixMyKite.


  1. Valve Removal: If replacing the valve, carefully peel off old valve. If old valve does peel off, cut around the circumference of the valve to remove
  2. Cleaning: Wipe area where the valve will be placed with a provided alcohol swab. DRY COMPLETELY WITH A CLEAN PAPER TOWEL.
  3. Peel and Stick: Lay bladder out flat. If possible, have a friend lightly hold bladder on a table or other smooth even surface. Peel off paper backing, center valve over hole, and place valve on bladder.
  4. Press: Press valve from center outward to remove air bubbles and ensure proper adhesion and creases.

*Pro Tip - Use a hair dryer to heat the valve especially in cold weather. This makes it easier to remove the valve from the backing paper.  After placement of the self-stick valve use the hair dryer again to warm the adhesive. Press the valve from the centre out, massaging and stretching creating positive adhesion. Be careful not to overheat the bladder or new valve.  Following this method will guarantee your valve sticks in all conditions, and it really helps the Tear-Aid adhesive provide a permanent and lasting repair. 

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