F-One Back Line Connectors Red/Green

F-OneSKU: SP0113-F1RG

Sale price$29.95


F-One Back Line Connectors include both Green and Red pigtails with plastic stoppers and replacement black connection leaders. The color-coded ends make it easy to distinguish which line should connect to which connector.

Compatible Kite Models:

  • F-One Bandit 5 2012
  • F-One Bandit 6 2013
  • F-One Bandit 7 2014
  • F-One Bandit 8 2015
  • F-One Bandit 9 2016
  • F-One Bandit X/10 2017

Routinely check your back line connectors for any sign of wear and tear before each session. Frayed lines are caused by the lines rubbing against one another and general wear and tear can weaken these connection points. It's advisable to replace them before they unexpectedly break.

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