F-One Bridle Pulley White

F-OneSKU: SP0110-F1PW

Sale price$9.95


F-One Bridle Pulley compatible on all F-One Kitesurf and Foil kites. Made from durable, lightweight and extremely resistant plastics and includes an alloy retaining pin for easy installation. Features an alloy barrel that reduces corrosion and reduces sand debris from entering.

The F-One Pulley can be removed independently from the bridle, so you can either change your bridle, or pulley without needing to replace both when maintaining your kite.

Replace your worn pulleys with the new F-One Bridle Pulley and restore that smoother bar feeling as the kite freely adjusts the angle of attack instead of abrupt changes caused by non-sliding, worn pulleys. A broken or jammed pulley can quickly lead to the deterioration of the kite's bridle lines as it increases friction every single time you pull on the bar. If yours looks worn replace it before it creates an unexpected failure.

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