F-One Chicken Loop Release

F-OneSKU: SP0126-F1CL

Sale price$99.00


F-One push-away quick release is designed to withstand and work effectively under loads much higher than normally encountered while riding. Made from high resistance materials including stainless steel reinforcements and fully optimized to make it reliable, ready to withstand the wear and tear of extensive use.

Compatible Kites:

  • F-one Revolt 3
  • F-one Bandit 3
  • F-one Bandit 4
  • F-one Bandit 5
  • F-one Bandit 6
  • F-one Bandit 7
  • F-one Bandit 8
  • F-one Bandit 9
  • F-one Bandit 10
  • F-one Bandit 11
  • F-one Trust 1
  • F-one Trust 2
  • F-one Volt 1
  • F-one Volt 2

Replace your older UPS chicken loop with the latest and most efficient release from F-One. New push-away system enables to trigger of the release with minimal force even under the highest loads.

The F-one safety release has a stopper at the top to allow enough room to active the system also it make sure your hands stay away form the bar when it's turned at the maximum.

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