F-One Depower Strap Connector

F-OneSKU: SP0109-F1DC

Sale price$39.95


The F-one Depower Connector Strap is made from high-quality spectra braided line and features sewn and stitched loops on both ends for easy installation.

Compatible with:

F-one Bandit 3 2010
F-one Bandit 4 2011
F-one Bandit 5 2012
F-one Bandit 6 2013
F-one Bandit 7 2014
F-one Bandit 8 2015
F-one Bandit 9 2016
F-one Bandit 10 2017

Always check your strap connector for any sign of a considerable tear and wear, sand and salt build up can accelerate wear. Time to replace it before your old one unexpectedly breaks.

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