F-One Life Line Flagout Bungee Line

F-OneSKU: SP0108-F1LL

Sale price$39.95


F-One Linx Life Line bungee is compatible with the F-One Linx kitesurf bars. Manufactured from high-quality new spectra braided line, featuring an internal bungee cord that keeps it tight when not released keeping your bar operation smoother and reducing jamming.

The safety Life Line runs from the quick release system to the Hub of F-One 2018 and 2019 Linx Bar.

Installation is made easier with a spliced stitched loop and can be done either at home or at the beach making this the ideal spare part to keep in your kit.

Always check occasionally your safety line for any wear and tear, tiny sand or salt built up into your line may cause wear over time. If you're unsure if your life line is showing signs of fray replace it before it unexpectedly breaks when you need it.

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