Flysurfer C-Pulley Bridle Line

FlysurferSKU: SP0060-C100

Sale price$29.95


Flysurfer C-Pulleyline (100cm) is a replacement bridle line for your Flysurfer foil kites. The C-Pulleyline is one of the most common wear points on your Flysurfer Kite and is made to be replaceable.

Suitable for the following kites:

  • Flysurfer Peak / Peak 2
  • Flysurfer Psycho 4
  • Flysurfer Speed 3, Speed 4 Lotus, Speed 5
  • Flysurfer Unity
  • Flysurfer Pulse

This product is also known as C-Sparepartline.

Each kite utilizes two C-Pulley Lines, it's advisable to purchase 2 of these and replace both at the same time to avoid differences in length between the new and old lines.

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