Flysurfer Free Flow 2.0 Hand Pump

FlysurferSKU: AC0025-FSP

Sale price$79.95


The huge air chamber of the free flow 2.0 handpump and the more effective air injection process help you to get into the water with a minimum of hassle in no time.

This new Flysurfer tube kite buddy has a larger pump body, a more pronounced grip, a thicker hose diameter, and more footprint area. Inside, a new sand seal is integrated. Outside is placed a pressure gauge and a manual of a slightly different kind shown. The pumping process can be switched from single to double-action - but no matter which variant you choose, the pump is very low-friction.

With the help of the enclosed adapters you can:

  • in addition to the free flow 2.0 valves
  • inflate other common valve systems with the new pump.

In summary the added value:

  • effective
  • smoother
  • cleaner bladder
  • funnier
  • more durable
  • and even cheaper than the competitor

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