Flysurfer Peak Trainer Kite 1.3m

FlysurferSKU: KT0018-PT13

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The Flysurfer Peak trainer is designed to be incredibly safe and easy to use. Perfect for children! The single skin technology makes it incredibly durable and tremendous fun in light winds. Playful and user-friendly, it is the perfect first step into kite sports.

The Flysurfer Peak Trainer 1,3m² kite develops considerable amounts of power thanks to its single skin design. It is durable meaning it can be crashed countless times whilst you master your kite skills. The proven three line safety lets the kite flag out, with no power as well as helping reverse launch. The PEAK trainer makes a perfect gift and starting point in the world of kiting. This is a must have at any kite school and great fun for kids!

Besides they pack compactly and weigh a lot less than conventional foil kites; not only because they are made with less material, but also because they are 40-60% more powerful for the same size. The Peak Trainer kite does not collect any sand that may affect flying either.

The Flysurfer Peak Trainer is flown on a 3-line control bar with safety system, to get an experience as close as possible to kiteboarding or landboarding right from the start. The extra centre line, the Life line, makes a very easy instant relaunch possible.

"Ready-to-Fly" package consists of:

  • 1x PEAK Trainer Kite “Ready to Fly”
  • 1x PEAK 3-line wrist safety
  • 1x PEAK Trainer Gear Guide
  • 1x PEAK Trainer Bag

Easy Handling:
The Flysurfer Peak Trainer is very easy to control. The kite steers smooth and as it is flown on a control bar where over-steering the kite is not an option. The Peak Trainer has the perfect balance in steering behavior, making it challenging to fly but still easy to keep in the air.

Huge amount of power for their size:
The Peak Trainer delivers more power in lower winds than any conventional foil kite out there. Single skins are the most efficient kites imaginable, and because they are so lightweight and efficient their power per size is much higher than conventional foil kites.

Virtually Indestructible:
As there is no bottom skin creating pressure inside the wing when you crash, this makes it almost impossible to tear the profiles and there are no cells that can burst upon hard impacts.

Easy Relaunch:
The Flysurfer Peak Trainer is fitted with an extra center line making the relaunch of the kite super easy. You will have your kite back up in the air within seconds, getting you right back into that adrenaline rush.


  • Low Aspect Ratio - The aspect ratio of the Flysurfer Peak Trainer ensures a high stability and user-friendliness. The profile used in the Peak Trainer ensures a smooth flying speed and power across the whole wind window.
  • Webbing Reinforced Leading Edge - Webbing is folded and stitched into the leading edge for a very strong construction.
  • Reinforced Air Intakes and Bridle Points - The air intakes are reinforced with webbing, the bridle points are connected to the profiles with a double stitched seam, increasing durability.
  • Life Lines - The Peak Trainer features a setup with two flying lines and a center line, called the Lifeline. This extra line makes a very easy relaunch possible and is part of the safety system.
  • Trainer Bar with Safety System - The Trainer bar is designed especially for the Peak Trainer, making the kite package plug and play. The safety system allows you to instantly lose all power from the kite without losing the kite itself.

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