Kiteaid Bladder Repair Kit

KiteaidSKU: RP0009-KAB

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The only bladder patch on the market that can be repositioned during the application, allowing you to avoid problem wrinkles. Provides additional structure to the weakened area surrounding a blowout.

  • Repair blown out leading edges and delaminated valves.
  • Repositionable bladder patch to avoid wrinkles during application
  • Extremely strong and durable bladder patch material
  • Industry proven valve sealant included for fixing valves
  • Permanent adhesive formula on bladder patch that resists weathering

Kiteaid Bladder Repair Kit includes:

  • Bladder repair patch (3" x 18")
  • Bladder and valve sealant (10g)
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Instructions
  • Kiteaid Sticker
  • Waterproof Case

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