Kitefix Ripstop Repair Kit

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Got a tear in your canopy? The KiteFix Ripstop Repair kit has everything you need to fix a ripstop tear up to 48" with color matching. Already have the Kitefix Complete Kit and simply need more GluFix and FiberFix? Buy them together in this kit and save money.

Fiberfix is the reinforcement fiber to be used with Glufix for Kiteboarding This self-adhesive fiber increases up to 10 times the resistance of a repair. In order to have a permanent, ultra-resistant, aesthetic repair in a record time, you simply have to join the 2 parts of a tear together with the Fiberfix and add a layer of Glufix over it.

Kitefix Benefits:

  • You no longer have to bring or send your kite to a repair shop, pay for transport and wait while it is windy outside!
  • During a kite trip, KiteFix products are a must to repair possible damages to your kite equipment.
  • One repair kit will allow you to make many repairs.
  • Our solid, permanent and long-lasting repairs prevent weakening the canopy by avoiding any stitches holes.
  • You are completely independent.

Kitefix Ripstop Repair Kit includes:

  • 1 GluFix tube (1 oz.)
  • 7 FiberFix multi-color tapes (4’ each)
  • 1 GluFix applicator
  • 4 alcohol swabs

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