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The McNett Iron-on repair fabric provides strong, flexible, permanent repairs for neoprene. Used to repair neoprene dry suits, wet suits, waders, neoprene gloves and boots, orthopedic supports, and lycra bodysuits. Lined with Barritex for extra abrasion resistance. Iron Mend may be  Includes: a 10' x 6' knee-pad patch, reusable heat shielding, and detailed instructions.

IDEAL FOR NEOPRENE DRY SUITS*, WADERS*, AND WETSUITS. Also for neoprene gloves, boots and accessories, orthopedic supports, lycra bodysuits and other non-neoprene articles. Hundreds of uses including personal I.D. marking and numbering systems. *See waterproofing on the reverse.


  • REPAIRS IN SECONDS with your ordinary household iron.
  • PROTECTS AGAINST ABRASION with BARRITEX protective lining.
  • STRETCH FABRIC. Allows flexibility and comfort.
  • INCREASES GARMENT LIFE. Protects your investment.
  • HEAT PROTECTION with reusable heat shielding paper.


1. Wash and completely dry neoprene article. NOTE: All neoprene articles may be cleaned with McNett Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo.
2. Pre-heat Iron. Set iron temperature to an ACRYLIC setting. NOTE: This setting may be LOW or DELICATE on some irons. Do not use steam. Do not use travel size irons.


DO NOT OVERHEAT IRON. ALWAYS USE IRON MEND HEAT SHIELDING PAPER BETWEEN IRON SOLE PLATE AND AREA TO BE REPAIRED. IRON SHOULD NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH NEOPRENE SURFACE. An overheated iron may cause damage to neoprene. Never use an iron heated beyond the recommended settings or above 275°F (135°C). Iron should be in good mechanical condition, free of unexpected temperature fluctuations. To test heat settings, pre-test with a small piece of IRON MEND on a non-critical part of the garment, eg.; inside leg or sleeve.

3. Cut IRON MEND with scissors to overlap damaged area by 3/4 inch. Put damaged garment on firm, flat surface prior to repairing. Place IRON MEND patch over the damaged area with the urethane coating side down.
4. Place full sheet IRON MEND heat shielding paper carefully over IRON MEND patch.
5. With preheated iron, press IRON MEND down with firm even pressure for 10 seconds. Lift and rotate iron and apply for another 10 seconds. Allow repair to cool for a few minutes before testing for secure adhesion.
6. Some repairs may require a second heat application process with more pressure


1. ADHESION ON SLEEVES, LEGS AND IRREGULAR SURFACES. To ensure a firm flat ironing surface, insert a wooden 2 x 4 or similar wooden, plastic, or metal object into the leg or sleeve cavity or directly under the irregular surface. This will allow for direct pressure and create a single fabric layer. Apply more heat and/or pressure if necessary, according to instructions.
2. WATERPROOFING.* When waterproofing is required on neoprene dry suits* or neoprene waders*, use AQUASEAL Urethane Repair Adhesive on repairs prior to IRON MEND application.
3. LARGE HOLES AND GOUGES. We recommend filling larger holes or gouges with a neoprene plug prior to using IRON MEND. Fit the plug into a void and apply IRON MEND from the outside and inside of the garment. AQUASEAL or Seal Cement neoprene cement may be used to secure the plug prior to IRON MEND application.
4. SEAM REPAIR. Apply IRON MEND directly over the damaged area. Use AQUASEAL or Seal Cement to join repair if necessary.
5. ABRASION PREVENTION with BARRITEX protective lining. Knee pad patches may be applied at the first sign of damage to the knee and/or other areas where abrasion may occur.
6. REINFORCEMENT. Use IRON MEND to reinforce high-stress areas of the neoprene garment, i.e., crotch, underarm or zipper area.
7. NON-NEOPRENE ARTICLES. IRON MEND will repair a variety of non-neoprene articles and garments such as lycra body suits, bathing suits and more. Follow noted instructions for pre-testing and for iron settings and heat instructions. Also, follow garment instructions.
8. CUSTOM DESIGNS. Use scissors to cut your own unique patterns or designs for personalized repair.


BARRITEX is an abrasion resistant yet flexible and waterproof substrate which is an integral part of IRON MEND repair fabric for neoprene. The BARRITEX layer is sandwiched between IRON MENDs nylon fabric surface and its bottom layer of urethane adhesive. BARRITEX is designed to help increase neoprene life especially when IRON MEND is used to protect against abrasion.


IRON MEND Heat Shielding Paper is a unique reusable and heat stable paper used to protect neoprene garments from excessive heat. IRON MEND Heat Shielding Paper allows heat to pass through its surface yet it creates a buffer to help prevent scorching of fabric. IRON MEND should not be used without heat shielding paper. The full sheet of our shielding paper should be used during all IRON MEND repairs (regardless of repair size) to help protect surrounding neoprene from potential damage from overheating.

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