Neoprene Clean Wetsuit Shampoo 200ml

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STORMSURE Neoprene Clean Shampoo is perfect for disinfecting and conditioning wetsuits and drysuits by removing organic residues such as waterborne bacteria, algae, plankton, chlorine, salt deposits, and viruses that may cause skin irritation and smell. Also suitable to use on all watersports wear booties, gloves, scuba equipment, swim & water ski wear, triathlon suit, fishing waders, seaboots, and more.

Buy STORMSURE Neoprene Clean Shampoo and keep your suit clean and fresh!


  • Wash away the smell and harmful residue without damaging neoprene.
  • Restores all types of watersports wear with concentrated formula.
  • ECO friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Fresh scent and biodegradable.
  • Highly concentrated disinfectant & conditioner.
  • Extend suit life and prevents premature aging and oxidation.
  • Content: 200ml STORMSURE Neoprene Clean Shampoo

Rinse the inside and outside of your wetsuit to remove all traces of sand and dirt, make sure to rinse the zipper as well. Put the wetsuit in a container filled with water and apply 3-5% of Stormsure Neoprene Clean Shampoo. Lather your wetsuit to help the shampoo get inside the neoprene and allow to soak for 10 minutes. Remove the wetsuit from the water container and let it dry naturally from the inside out.

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