Neoprene Queen Adhesive 30g Black

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Neoprene Queen Adhesive is a thick gel-like, black liquid glue that enables you to easily make reliable and long-lasting repairs to the respective damaged area in your wetsuit, drysuit, or other neoprene-based products with or without a patch allowing you back in the water in just a few minutes.

Buy NEOPRENE QUEEN Black Adhesive now when you need it later and save a great deal of time and hassle on the beach.


  • Thick gel-like, black liquid glue is ideal for repairing any neoprene-based products.
  • Quick-drying contact adhesive repair can be done in 10 minutes.
  • Can bond the neoprene edge to edge with or without a patch.
  • Fixes wetsuit and drysuit that ripped, split, leak, or damaged.
  • Suitable on many other fabrics and materials too.
  • Great for the environment, repairing instead of replacing reduces landfill and waste.

For instant repair to puncture and small holes, clean the surface and apply Neoprene Queen directly onto the hole using a business card or ice cream stick as a spatula. When applying it needs to have pressure to the surface, once pressure is applied it’ll hold to the surface and become incredibly sticky. Wait 5 minutes and then your wetsuit is ready to be used again

For larger tears or rips, clean the damaged area and apply Neoprene Queen directly onto both edges of the tear, simply use an ice cream stick whilst holding them apart. Wait a minute for the glue to go tacky and then apply the two halves together. Continue to hold, and apply pressure on them firmly for another two minutes. Leave for 10 minutes and your wetsuit is now ready to use again.

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