Ozone Click-In Loop & Lock Tube

OzoneSKU: SP0103-V4LS

Size: Small
Sale price$79.95


Harness Loop for Ozone Contact Freeride, Water, Race, Snow and Foil bars with the Megatron V4 Release. Featuring an internal Amsteel core line covered in a durable polyurethane sheath, it also includes a flexible lock tube to lock your chicken loop in and out of your harness.

The new Ozone V4 Lock Tube features a positionable lock tube that you can twist out of the way for unhooking, or twist back in to place. It has a ratchet-type feel as you twist it out of the way.

Manufactured from high-quality materials, this medium size chicken loop is perfect for most riders comes standard for Water and Foil Freeride Bars V4. If your Ozone Chicken Loop Harness is wearing or showing signs of considerable wear then it's a good idea to replace it before it totally breaks.

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