Peter Lynn Navigator SL/TS Stopper

Peter LynnSKU: SP0080-STP

Sale price$24.95


A stopper ball designed for the Peter Lynn Navigator SL / TS bar. It will also work with many other bars that have a double depower line. Simple, reliable, and intuitive to use. It will help you to make the bar go away when you release it from the hands - this is important for low people who just do not reach the bar, as well as for free riding riders who want to block the bar in a given position and relieve pressure hands.

The service is fabulously easy - the stopper consists of two connected elements. pull the bottom element down to move the stopper down and limit the range of movement of the bar, or the upper element upwards to move the stopper upwards so that the bar can go away again. You can do it with one move at any time on the tack!

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