Ripstop Sail Tape 1"x25' Black

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Ripstop Sail Tape by FixMyKite is high quality, tightly woven, self-adhesive Nylon-based tape that is perfect for repairing small cuts and pin holes in your kite sail. It’s also useful to do a temporary repair that can easily be undone later for a professional repair. This Black length comes in 1” inch (2.5cm) wide and 25 feet long roll.

This is the only repair tape used on the sail of a kiteboarding kite and can also be used on wing foil wings, paragliders, and sails. A roll of ripstop sail tape is an essential part of a repair kit for kitesurfers, paragliders, wind surfers, and sailors

-- Clean the area of the kite (can use Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol)
-- Lay out the sail area to be repaired flat on a table and remove all wrinkles
-- Match up the sail using a grid in fabric
-- Round corners of the Ripstop tape
-- Place tape over cut. Do not pull or stretch the tape. Tape should go beyond the cut by at least 1/2”
-- Match another piece of tape on the opposite side of the sail

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