Ripstop Sail Tape 2" White

FixMyKiteSKU: MA0016-2W1

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FixMyKite Ripstop Sail Tape is high quality, tightly woven, self-adhesive Nylon based tape that is perfect for repairing small cuts and pin holes in your kite sail. It's also useful to do a temporary repair that can easily be undone later for a professional repair.
This Translucent White length comes 5cm (2") wide and as long as you need, purchasable by the meter.

Note about Translucent White Ripstop Sail Tape: If your kite canopy is a colour other than Black then we suggest using this Translucent White repair tape on your coloured canopy. Whilst it is not perfectly clear, it is translucent enough that it is difficult to see the repair patch from a few meters away once applied. This is usually an easier option than trying to match Ripstop sail tape to the canopy colour of your kite that may of faded/changed colour with time.

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