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The Ronstan Kite Bridle Pulley (Black) is made from high-quality durable and lightweight U.V. stabilized Acetal sheaves / Nylon cheeks with an economical design to be maintenance-free.

Featuring a plastic barrel to reduce rust, sand, and debris from jamming with a maximum working load of 150kg and a breaking load of 300kg.

Always check your pulleys for wear and tear, replacing them when needed. A broken or jammed pulley can ruin a kite's bridle.

It can be applicable to use on Vang, cunningham, and trapeze retriever systems on dinghies or Leech line tackles, bunk adjusters, etc on larger yachts.

Several customers who had repeated pulley failures replaced their pulleys but with the Rostan Kite Bridle Pulley, we have not had one fail yet. This is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone who has had problems with pulleys or just to prevent a future problem.

Ronstan RF13101G Utility Block:

  • Maximum Working Load 150kg
  • Breaking Load 300kg
  • Max. Rope Ø 4mm
  • Weight 5g
  • Colour: Black

Units Sold as 1 Individual Pulley

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