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SeaSpecs Angler is designed to enhance your depth perception, increase your visibility at any time of day, and reduce eye fatigue in overall bright sunlight.

These men's performance sport fishing sunglasses also feature our proprietary floating frame and will bob atop river, lake, or ocean water.

Polarization and a clear view are essential so you can see beneath the surface of the water when you're fishing to give you an edge over Mother Nature.

The Angler's unique in-lens venting keeps your view crisp and clear while SeaSpecs Brand Polarized UV400 lenses allow you to see above and below the water. An all-around neutral lens color, the Grey tint filters all wavelengths of visual light evenly across the spectrum. And by reducing the intensity, Grey lenses keep colors true to life. The reflective coating works with the polarization feature to filter out distracting, discomforting and disabling glare.

Floating Fishing Sunglasses are your most important piece of equipment on the water.

Recommended sports: Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Rafting, Fishing, Boating, Sailing, Waterski, Kayaking, Jetskiing, Windsurfing, Sup, Hydrofoiling, Skurfing, and other general Water sports.

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Terry (SA)

Excellent glasses

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