Standard Pump Hose

FixMyKiteSKU: AC0013-S

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FixMyKite kiteboarding pump replacement hose will fit on most kite brands' new and old pumps including Airush, Best, Blade, Cabrinha, Crazyfly, Epic, F-One, Flexifoil, Liquid Force, Naish, North, Ozone, Slingshot, Wainman, and more.

The end that attaches to the pump is a MALE end, and the end with the tips is a FEMALE end attached to adapters/nozzles.

We could never find these prior because all the manufacturers would rather sell complete new pumps than just replacement hoses. Most hoses are not super-duty, and so will crimp, kink, and crack over time, but now you can replace them easily and at a fantastic price.

NOTE: Will NOT fit on the old PKS PowerFlow or new WMFG pumps.

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