Stormsure Mix & Match Adhesive 15g (4-Colours)

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STORMSURE's Mix & Match is a 4-in-1 pack of 15g clear, white, khaki, and black flexible adhesive that enables you to easily make reliable and long-lasting repairs. It bonds to virtually all surfaces including neoprene, rubber, leather, PVC, polyurethane, breathable and coated fabrics, wood, metal, and more.

Fix damaged sullage hose bags, leaks in airbeds, and other inflatable items, rips on awnings, tents, ponchos and car covers, leather seats, canopies, sunshades, annex, swags, paddling pools, pool liners, groundsheets, bivvies, marquees, woodworks, furniture, roof tiles, concrete, and much more!

Buy STORMSURE Mix & Match Flexible Repair Adhesive now and fix any tears, holes, or leaks when you need it!


  • STORMSURE widely versatile repair glue.
  • Flexible black adhesive that is durable and waterproof.
  • Fixes indoor and outdoor items that crack, tear, leak, or are damaged.
  • Can be used as a surface sealant to cover holes without a patch.
  • Great for the environment, repairing instead of replacing reduces landfill and waste.
  • Contents:
    1x 15g STORMSURE flexible repair clear adhesive
    1x 15g STORMSURE flexible repair black adhesive
    1x 15g STORMSURE flexible repair khaki adhesive
    1x 15g STORMSURE flexible repair white adhesive
Clean the damaged area to remove dirt and grease (sandpaper the surface for best adhesion) and apply Stormsure Flexible Repair Adhesive directly onto the damage, leaving a 5mm excess overlapping around it. Leave flat and allow to cure for 10-12 hours.

Mix with Stormcure Accelerator to reduce cure time to approximately 1 hour. Ensure there is no air left in the tube before replacing the cap. Store partly used tubes in a freezer. Warm up to room temperature before use again to alter its viscosity.

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