Stormsure SLIK Latex Seal Lubricant 60g

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Neoprene Queen SLIK is a powder lubricant by Stormsure used between your latex or neoprene neck seal, ankle seal, or wrist seal that provides a comfortable interface and helps to eradicate skin irritation, rashes, and general discomfort whilst wearing your drysuit, wetsuit, or diving suit.

Easy application just mixes with water to form a very slippery surface. Recommended by professional divers, triathlon swimmers, as well as other drysuit and wetsuit users. Great for lubricating your feet for wakeboard boots entry too.


  • Stop skin irritation and other skin discomforts.
  • Provides a comfortable interface whilst wearing your drysuit, wetsuit, or diving suit.
  • Food-grade product, easy to wash off with water.
  • Can also use with water-ski fitting and wakeboard boots entry.
    1x 60g Neoprene Queen SLIK Latex Seal Lubricant

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