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Tuff Tape repairs nearly anything that's ripped, torn, leaks water or low-pressure air, and requires a flexible repair. Perfect for tents, awnings, canopies, sails, air beds, kitesurf bladders, inflatable toys, cracked buckets, truck curtains and thousands more applications. It works on Nylon, Vinyl, Canvas, Rubber, Ripstop, Mylar and a heap of other surfaces.  The Translucent finish means when applied it will match the colour of the surface it's applied to reduce the visibility of the repair.

Tuff Tape is 0.2mm thick, stretchy, and flexible. It will stick to virtually any material (except silicone) and is easy to cut into shape and apply.

Repairing Bladders
Clean the surface of the kite's bladder, allow it to dry then peel the paper backing and apply it to the position. It's that easy!
If you're in a cold environment or repairing an older bladder use a hairdryer or heat gun and carefully from a distance apply some heat to the repair, warming it slightly and then apply pressure by rubbing the surface of the tuff tape.  This helps the adhesive on the tuff tape to lock onto the surface of the bladder for a longer-lasting repair.

Repairing Tears/Rips in Kites
Cut the Tuff Tape to shape, allowing for about 3cm excess around the tear in the kite's sail. Clean the surface around the tear and allow it to dry, then peel back the paper backing and apply it to the position.  Rub the patch firmly for about 30 seconds which helps the adhesive on the Tuff Tape lock onto the surface for a longer-lasting repair.  Once you have repaired one side of the kite's sail repeat the process and apply a patch to the other side of the sail.

10M x 7.5CM ROLL

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John (VIC)
Tuff Tape Review

Very easy to use & does job they say it can.

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