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STORMSURE Tuff Tape is a self-adhesive, translucent, highly flexible repair tape for fixing tears, rips, punctures, and leaks. It’s excellent on flat smooth surfaces which flex, move and stretch. Containing everything you need to perform a successful repair, STORMSURE Tuff Tape is quick to repair with easy-to-follow instructions.

Stormsure Tuff Tape can be used to repair clothing, tents, swags, awnings, pools, airbeds, ski tubes, rafts, bladders and more. It will stick to nearly any smooth surface including canvas, PVC, ripstop, dacron, insignia, leather, glass, metal, rubber, polyurethane, laminates, and painted surfaces just to name a few!

Buy a STORMSURE Tuff Tape repair kit now for when you need it later!


  • STORMSURE widely versatile Tuff Tape.
  • Fixes inflatable items that are ripped, leak or are damaged.
  • Translucent non-reflective matt patches blend in with the surface colour.
  • Easy instructions to help anyone from novice to expert.
  • Great for the environment, repairing instead of replacing reduces landfill and waste.
  • Repair kit contains: 50cm x 7.5cm Tuff Tape Length

Directions for Easy Instant Repairs
Lay your surface flat, clean the area and ensure it’s dry. Apply a Tuff Tape patch or strip directly to the damaged area, and rub firmly until there are no air bubbles under the patch. Quick Tip, if you’re repairing in cold weather after rubbing heat the patch slightly with a hairdryer just until it’s warm, and then rub it smooth again. After 10 minutes the patch will start to cure and your repair will be usable, after 24 hours the patch will gain maximum bond to the surface.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Peter (NSW)
Looks like it will do the job!

Haven't used the product yet! Was going to repair some canvas but its getting replaced now but will use it on other camping repairs.

Cherlee (WA)
Tuff tape amazing stuff

Product is great. Have fixed many horses rugs with this tape

Allan (WA)


Brett (QLD)
Lightweight and easy to apply

The transparent finish makes a very subtle repair.

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