X3 Vacuum Compression Bags

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The Vacuum Kite Bags Compression Kit is designed especially for kitesurfing, kiteboarding and snowkiting. Using the uniquely designed adapter with your existing kite pump, you can easily reduce the size of at least three kites to take on your travels without the need for a vacuum. 

The extra strong and durable compression bags are twice as thick as the ones your Nana uses and are designed to easily fit kites up to 16 square meters into your luggage. They also provide extra protection from damage, dust, dirt, and moisture. To save even more space, place clothing in with your kite or fit two smaller kites into one compression bag.

Why should I buy the X3 kit and what are the advantages?

  • Allows room to take more kites on a trip!
  • Put a kite in your carry-on luggage using the kite pump you're already bringing!
  • Save weight by leaving your factory bags at home
  • Save space and use a smaller, stealthier golf kite bag

Compatible with all kite pumps Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Adapter, compatible with all kite pumps and all vacuum bags, made from durable plastic, and has a keychain hole for safe keeping.
  • 3 x kite compression bags, made of extra-thick durable plastic, size 50cm x 100cm, with a lockable one-way valve.

How do I take care of my kite compression bags?

  • Store where temperatures do not exceed 100 degrees F or fall below 0 degrees F, out of direct sunlight and unfolded.

Please note, use your kite pump to vacuum out the air and compress your gear when traveling with the Modern Fuel X3 Vacuum Kite Compression Kit.


  • Place your kite and/or clothing into the kite compression bag and seal the bag. Twist the valve to the ON position.
  • Connect the vac adapter to the hose on your air pump. The hose must be connected to the 'deflate' side of your pump.
  • Use the vac adapter to make a seal with the valve on the kite compression bag and pump the air out. Twist the valve to the OFF position once the kite's size is reduced.

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